Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring, Glorious Spring!

Yeah, yeah. We still have snow. But not as much as last year at this time! According to my favourite weather man, Josh Classen, March 23 had a high of -2 and a low of -10 last year. We had temperatures in the -20's last March, with a record being set at the International Airport when it hit -41.5 one night! Yowch!!

So, here we are on March 23 with hardly any snow left because it has been so warm. We have even had a few "shirt sleeve" days here and there! And the barbecue has been dusted off and put to use on a couple of evenings. My garden looks hideous, but that will be taken care of when the ground warms up some more. There is still a lot of snow in the sheltered spots in the yard (both front and back) so it will be a while before I am ready to start planting anything.

I can always tell it is finally Spring when I see the first gopher. While on my way to mom's for tea on the weekend, a little brown blur raced across the road, fat little butt in the air and all fours working like mad to get him out of harms way! Then I saw four geese on my way home! They appeared to be flying south, hopefully just looking for a place to eat! But the A-number one, first class way to tell it is Spring is by the amount of mud the dogs track in the house after they go outside to do their business. The more mud there is, the more the snow has melted. At least that is my logic...

So we look forward to longer, warmer days, full of flies, mosquitoes, and wasps; to barbecuing steaks, burgers, chicken and pretty much whatever else we can put on the grill without it falling through; to the Edmonton Indy, Capital Ex and Heritage Days. Keep smiling! It will be here soon and gone far to fast!

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