Monday, November 9, 2009

If I Never See a Paint Brush Again...

One more week and mom will be moved into her condo. The kitchen has been gutted and the appliances disposed of, any holes in the walls have been patched, the hall, kitchen and pantry lino and the carpet in the two smaller bedrooms has been replaced.

This is a nice condo, with no stairs so mom doesn't have to do to the basement to do laundry anymore. It has a small yard for Ebony, mom's 7 year old black lab who still thinks she is a pup, to lope around in, and a nice covered area where we can sit in the summer and enjoy a cup of tea under an immense spruce tree.

When we first saw the place, the first thought was "Oh my God!". Being the good family that we are, we all said that we could handle the renos that neede to be done. The kitchen was awful - dark cabinets, old appliances, torn lino - and two of the bedrooms looked as though they had been used purely for storage, although one of them did have an individual sleeping on a sheet on the floor. We wanted to measure the rooms so we could order carpet, but when we saw "the sleeper", we decided it could wait. Within ten minutes of mom having the key to the place, my b-i-l had the cupboards off the wall in the kitchen and in a broken heap in the middle of the floor. And what "presents" did we find under them? Oh, you really don't want to know. Let's just say a very large family of mice had been resident for some time. EEEWWW!!!

There must have been a run on awful colored paint at one time because the three bedrooms were painted a shade that falls somewhere between baby-poop and khaki with dark pea green trim. The living room, halls, two bedrooms and kitchen are now painted something called Taupe Mist - very nice taupe with a hint of pink to make it very warm, and the master is painted Brook Trout - a very pale pink. The new carpet and lino are installed and the cupboards have been delivered. Appliances come this week and then the carpets will be cleaned.

Saturday is the Big Day - mom moves in. Yay!! Stay tuned for the ups and downs of moving day...

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