Monday, October 26, 2009

Strange Sightings...

In two months from today, Christmas 2009 will be over and done with. The presents will have been opened, the turkey, cookies and cakes eaten, and far too much liquid cheer taken in. This realization struck home on Sunday when Lisa and I took mom to Home Depot to get some things for the condo - new switch and plugs covers, light fixtures for the hallway and closets, and a new lockset for the front door. As we came in the door, what to my wondering eyes should appear, but a huge range of Christmas ornaments for the house and garden! And what was among these wonderous things, but a pink Christmas tree! Pink!! Give me a break! Christmas trees are supposed to be GREEN! Not white, not pink, not purple - GREEN! And they are supposed to look like real, honest-to-goodness trees!

Remember the silver tin foil trees that were the vogue in the 1960's? You couldn't put lights on them for fear of being electrocuted, so anyone with one of these so-called "trees" (aka monstrosities) had a colored disk that had a light behind it sitting on the floor. This was supposed to cast a pretty glow into this fire hazard and make it look very festive. I always thought they were awful, even as a kid. They didn't say Christmas! They looked like what was left of the foil mom put on the turkey to keep it from getting too brown!

This year, I will once again put up a REAL tree, probably a Balsam Fir, and decorate it with all the ornaments collected over the years. There are the rather ratty ones the kids made in grade one that still get hung every year, and the new, glitzy gold and red glass ornaments I saw in HD last year and just "had to have". The tree will go up sometime between December 15th and 20th and will take at least 3 hours to get "just right". But it will be so worth the work and the wait.

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