Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Mornings...Bleh!!!

How often do you ask someone how they are on a Monday morning to get the response "It's Monday..."? Why do people hate Mondays? They have just two or more days to enjoy some R & R, so what's the problem?

If their weekends are like mine, they are full of work. Sure, it's not the same as what we do from Monday to Friday, but it is still WORK! Cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, painting, adding a new deck, grocery shopping. You name it! We do everything that can't get done during the week on those two days and then wonder why we are exhausted come Monday!

Why not go on strike? Leave the housework for a week! The leaves will still be there in the Spring! So will the lawn! Painting? Does the house really need it? Naw. Didn't think so. Just tell everyone the patches of Spackle are supposed to be there. It's a new technique, like rag-rolling or sponging.

So now you have a relaxing weekend all worked out, Monday morning should be easy! You will bound into work with a sunny smile, all ready to dive in and git 'er done! You won't need that coffee to wake you up, because you are relaxed and can't wait to get working on that RFP! Then as things come sailing at you over your cubicle wall from all the Monday-haters around you, you will laugh and tell them how to make their Monday mornings brighter because you have found the "secret"! They will only hate you for a week or so until they learn the "secret" too.

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