Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy halloween!

October 31st. The day for ghosts and goblins, witches and warlocks, vampires and vamps. Little ones dressed as fuzzy little bunnies, pirates, and ninja turtles with their mom or dad in tow to make sure they don't have any problems. Older kids out to get as much candy as they can in the few hours before they have to be home. Then the teens who are too cool to wear a "real" costume, but instead "borrow" a few things from mom and dad's wardrobe.

They are all fantastic and I will give each and every one of them something! The wee ones will usually get 3 or 4 chocolate bars, the older ones 2 or 3, and the teens 1 or more, depending on their attitude when they come to the door. The polite ones get more.

I am not dressing up this year. I usually do but it seems that time got away from me this year and I ran out of time to put a costume together. I suppose I could work on one instead of writing this blog, but I would rather write than sew. And we have company coming for supper so I have a house to clean.

So for now, off to vacuum and wash the floors, clean the bathrooms, and tidy up. Then a bit of a nap, I think. After all, we may actually have a lot of kids daring to trick or treat at our door and I have to be ready...

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